Strap Ads

River Drive Manufacturing introduces Transit Strap Ads!

The Strap Ad was developed in response to two major challenges facing outdoor (transit) advertisers:

  • The need for new advertising locations; and
  • The need for new and dramatic advertising media.

The Strap Ad meets these challenges!
The Strap Ad is an enhanced version of the standard passenger assist strap already in place on public transit vehicle fleets across North America.  The Strap Ads are manufactured by River Drive Manufacturing, an approved supplier of passenger assist straps to major OEMs and transit authorities, and are structurally and functionally the same as River Drive’s standard passenger assist straps.

The enhancements that make the Strap Ad such an impactful medium are as follows:

  • Strap color-matched to any desired color
  • Multi-color images and printing on strap
  • Multi-color images and printing on chrome clamp

When combined, these enhancements create novel and powerful advertising placements.  A major benefit of the Strap Ads is that they actually create new advertising locations within the public transit vehicle.  None of the exiting and conventional interior advertising space (such as poster card space) has to be sacrificed to take advantage of the new Strap Ad placements.  Passengers will have a plain view of the messages on both the poster cards and the Strap Ads.  The Strap Ads therefore provide truly new – not alternative – public transit advertising locations.  Also, if desired, the Strap Ads can be used as part of domination campaigns in co-ordination with the interior poster cards and other elements.